Hello Lazies.

It’s a little strange that we haven’t heard anything from Jimmy Butler. The normally outspoken, and headline heavy player has kept his cool recently. This throws huge uncertainty in where this new type of attitude will land him and his team come to the end of the season.

But how are the Heat traveling so far? They sit third in the East with 11 wins and just 4 loses. The Heat stand just ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers (11-5) who Jimmy Butler would come face-to-face on Saturday night for the first time since being shipped off by his former NBA franchise. In the end, the game was a huge blow-out with the Sixers dismantling the Heat 113-86. Maybe they had something to prove and gave it ‘everything they’ve got’ for this particular game.

Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat would be his fourth franchise in 4 years. Even that is a statement in how unstable Butler is. But you can’t beat his enthusiasm to the game and without a doubt name him one of the best players in the NBA. He can score, he can defend, and he definitely isn’t afraid of any opponent or moment. So what’s wrong with him?

It’s his personality that gets him in trouble. Butler was traded away by all 3 previous teams (Bulls, Timberwolves, and Sixers) not from his ball, but from clashes he had with coaches and teammates. However, this new radio silence from the Heat might be a good thing for this former hot-head. Butler is focused on keeping his head down and make his headlines through his actions, not words.

Catch you Thursday.