Hello Lazies.

After the second opening night of the NBA, we saw the 3rd evolution of Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets appear right before our eyes, and he didn’t disappoint. Kyrie scored 50 points on 33 shots in 38 minutes, with a whopping 40.2 percent usage. But they lost in overtime against the Minnesota Timberwolves 127-126.

So what happened? The Wolves were very solid coming out of the gate, which in the end was costly to the Nets. But the growing powerhouse Karl-Anthony Towns stepped in and matched nearly every move from Irving. He scored 36 points while grabbing 14 rebounds. It’s funny to say, but Towns’ surprising range from the 3-pointer jolted me every time I watched the ball swoosh through the net. He hit 7 for the game, and one of them was a dagger to silence the Brooklyn crowd late in the 4th.

It’s the first game, and Nets fans can be optimistic going forward. It’s a brand new look for this team, who made a complete makeover in the off-season. To me, it’s like Brooklyn lost a ‘team’ and scored a one-man-show over the summer. Yes, it’s super exciting and the NYC crowd eats it up, but last year the Nets were jelling and playing superfluid basketball. Now they just stand still and look on at ISO ball with Kyrie.

We all know everyone is excited about this team, come 2020-21, but can they keep Kyrie’s high hopes and enthusiasm for this team afloat and not make the same thing happen in Boston?

Catch you Monday.