Hello Lazies.

We all know that everyone was fixated on the World Series last night, but Capital One Arena in DC was engulfed in flames from the firepower of offense. The Houston Rockets faced up against the Washington Wizards and the end score, in 4 quarters of play, that’s 48-minutes of game time, finished up at 159-158 with the Rockets taking the win in the last 2.4 seconds.

Defense? What’s defense? It’s just score, score, score baby! This game indeed was bonkers and the defense was non-existent throughout the game. But if you check out the NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night, you’ll find 2 separate highlights that involve this mystical thing called defense in the game.

But let’s break it down a little. With 317 points scored, it would be the 3rd highest scoring game in regulation time trailing a Warriors-Nuggets game (320) in 1990 and Nuggets-Spurs (318) in 1984. Washington scored a whopping 43 points in the second quarter, while Houston cleaned up the game with a crazy 48 points in the last. James Harden also scored 59 points with 9 assists. The last player to get at least those numbers in a game was Harden last season. Before that, you have to go back to Ricky Barry in 1974.

Flipping to the Wizards, they shot .626 from the floor, the best figure of any team this season. All 9 Wizards players who got in the game, shot at least 50 percent from the floor. The only difference was that they took 12 fewer shots than the Rockets and made three fewer 3s. Bradley Beal also scored 46 points with 8 assists.

My take from this game? We all know that the Rockets have firepower, but I’m surprised to see the Wizards can keep up with them like they did last night. Maybe there is some light in the tunnel for this Washington team? I’ll keep you posted.

Catch you Monday.