Hello Lazies.

With these last couple of issues, I find myself thinking that I keep writing the same thing each and every year. Finding the same images with that golden yellow crowd or floor in the background. But this particular Finals 3 issue is somewhat different.

Last night’s game was a wipe, as everyone expected, with the Raptors taking victory 123-109. The Warriors had so many injuries that it was expected that Toronto would take back the lead. I had a friend text me during the game saying “…Steph about to go off and steal this game!”. Steph Curry ‘did’ go off and play an outlandish game, trying to keep the ship afloat. He scored 47 points — nearly equaling LeBron James’ record for most points in an NBA Finals loss — but obviously, it wasn’t enough.

The Warriors are now in a very unique situation against the Raptors and facing untouched territory. They’re down 2-to-1, without home court advantage, and having huge pieces missing or somewhat broken to their squad. The Warriors always seem to have a trick up their sleeve and Kevin Durant’s return might be that card, Game 7? My opinion is Toronto really needs to play hard in the next 2 games and get the job done. The longer they fiddle around and let the Warriors back in is going to cost them dearly.

We can say that this year might be the final chapter or page of the Warriors dynasty. Depending on what happens in the next 2-to-4 games and free-agency next year. If the Warriors come back and win from this position they’re currently in right now, it might be the crowning achievement of their five-year reign at the top of the NBA.

Side Note: Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens has been banned for one year and fined $500K for pushing Kyle Lowry.

Catch you Monday.