Hello Lazies.

That’s right, if you haven’t heard the news, Kevin Durant (the Warriors most dominating superstar in the last 2 years) hobbled off the court in the second half of Game 5 last night against the Houston Rockets. This sparked immediate fears, and maybe a little relief, around the NBA.

Even with the injury, the Warriors took Game 5 104-99, and after the game, the injury was penciled down as a calf strain. But if you look at the footage and the way Durant reacted, it might be something a little more severe.

So what does this mean for the Warriors? Well, we have to close our eyes and rewind back before Durant took his talents to the Golden State. Head back when Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were the undeniable splash brothers of the NBA. And that’s exactly what they did last night.

There’s plenty we still don’t know yet about this series but one thing is clear: If the Warriors want to seal this series up, then the SP’s need to show up and show up big. This could be one of the biggest moments for Steph and Klay’s careers, and we all know that they won’t let this moment slip.

Catch you Monday.