Hello Lazies.

Tonight in Toronto, Game 1 will kick off at 9 pm Eastern Time between the Raptors and Warriors. Let’s break it all down with the biggest points to follow and get you fully prepared and ready for the first matchup.

First and foremost, Toronto’s superstar Kawhi Leonard needs to continue his domination on both ends of the floor. You know he’s going to get buckets as he’s been unstoppable with 31.2 points-per-game in this postseason. But the piece that Toronto will be desperately needing him to excel in, will be his defense. Who will he guard? It most likely will be Steph Curry, but in yesterdays episode The Starters stated that the best matchup for Kawhi might be Draymond Green, and I fully agree.

Secondly, the Warriors have to be favorites heading into this series. To nearly every breathing person on this planet that follows the NBA, this dynasty team has to take the top spot. But did you know that if you look at this matchup statistically, the Raptors have an edge over Golden State from the major injuries to Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins?

Thirdly, the entire Golden State roster has proven themselves to step up in some of the biggest games over their 5-year venture. But just like Kawhi for the Raptors, Steph Curry, once again, needs to have a huge game for his team to become victorious. People are saying that Curry needs to win Finals MVP to define his value.

Finally, in the last 5 years with Golden State reaching the NBA finals, they’ve had home court advantage which has been a huge aspect for their success. But this year is different. Toronto has home-court and that might be a significant difference in this series.

I’m penciling in Toronto to win Game 1. Let me know who you got on Twitter and we can continue to chat throughout the game.

Catch you Monday.