Hello Lazies.

It took 221 days to find out which two teams are on top of the NBA mountain. The Conference winners have been finalized, and can now compete for total domination. The Toronto Raptors are heading to the NBA finals for the first time in franchise history, to take on the reigning back-to-back champions Golden State Warriors.

We all knew that the Warriors were a lock since Monday last week, but the fight for the East continued between the Bucks and Raptors. The Bucks truly had no answers for their first taste of adversity and completely blew their chances in Game 5. Their only task was to hold home-court advantage, which they let slip away and give Toronto their first sniff at success.

Then came Game 6. To go into full detail about how the Raptors pulled off a 26-3 run in sealing their first trip to the NBA Finals, I’ll let Jared Dubin from FiveThirtyEight help me out.

So now we have the final battle which begins Thursday night. There are many factors to consider in this clash, but the main point that I keep reading is defense. As we still have one more issue left (Thursday) before Game 1, let me dive deeper and keep rummaging through everyone’s opinions and thoughts throughout the week. I’ll pile it all up and give you a solid summary to get you fully prepared for Game 1.

Catch you Thursday.