Hello Lazies.

All eyes are now fixed on the last series between the Bucks and Raptors as the Warriors swept their way into the 2018-19 NBA Finals for the fifth consecutive year.

There must be something in the water up there in Toronto, because this Raptors team truly came out to play in Game 4. With Leonard producing 36 points, on a tweaking left leg, and dragged this team to win in Game 3, something became clear in the locker room and the entire Toronto roster stepped up in Game 4. The Bucks dared Toronto’s supporting cast to make enough plays to win, which is exactly what they did. They dismantled this super defensive Bucks team 120-102 on Tuesday night, even Drake got into the action.

So what are we in for tonight in Game 5 at Milwaukee? The Raptors need to keep playing like they did in Game 4. This team grabbed some renewed belief that they can get to the NBA Finals by emphasizing cuts, spacing, and purposeful ball movement around the court. While on the other hand, the Bucks played one terrible defensive game. Every other match has been super close or a blow-out favoring themselves and this will give them confidence entering tonights match up. And to be frank, this will be Milwaukee’s first true taste of adversity.

The Conference Finals aren’t meant to be easy, and the East has turned out to be a match up made in heaven. Two teams, head-to-head, looking to make history and earn a fighting chance to dethrone the Warriors at the top of the mountain. Let’s see what tonights script reads, and we can analyze later.

Catch you Monday.