Hello Lazies.

Paul Pierce, a retired NBA legend and now an ESPN/ABC NBA broadcaster, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But let’s rewind for a second.

Pierce is a beloved Boston Celtics player who got granted the nickname “The Truth” from Shaquille O’Neal back in March 2001. He spent most of his career (15 years) with the Celtics and starred as the captain, earning 10 All-Star appearances and 4 mentions as an All-NBA team member. Pierce combined with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in 2007, who formed the original “Big Three” that led Boston to two NBA Finals and one championship in 2008. Adding to his resume, Pierce also scored more than 20,000 career points.

Now that’s not a bad first paragraph for an NBA career, but his comments on Friday night got a lot of media attention, hence the headlines. Paul was jokingly asked if he’d had a better career than Dwayne Wade (pictured) as the three-time champ prepares to retire this week. His answer; That’s me! “If you give me Shaq, if you give me LeBron, I’d be sitting on 5 or 6 championships easy,” he said.

Now, Mr. Pierce, that statement is quite outrageous if I say so myself. But stating this, and whoever’s side you’re on, it’s perfect NBA television. Everyone gets wound up whenever NBA players are analyzed side-by-side. Even team Wade chirped up, quoting a Pierce-diss and his wife Gabrielle Union, argued that players should stop tearing each other down. In Paul’s eyes, he’ll always see himself as the best player, but we all know the real truth to that question.

Catch you Thursday.