Hello Lazies.

After a nightmarish 108-95 loss in their first game against the Toronto Raptors, the Philadelphia 76ers are looking for fast answers in their second matchup tonight in Game 2.

In Game 1 the scoreboard showed a 13-point victory for Toronto, but it never really seemed that close. With just four minutes into the game, Toronto took the lead and never looked back. Kawhi Leonard was a force to reckon with who led the charge scoring a playoff career-high 45 points with Philadelphia having no answers for him.

This would be the main daunting task to solve for Philly and maybe the hardest: How to stop Kawhi Leonard? Ben Simmons stated after Game 1 that they need to force the ball out of Kawhi’s hands and make him distribute more. Easier said than done. This game plan wouldn’t be the first time Leonard has faced being double-or-triple teamed in a Playoff series.

There aren’t too many answers that Philly can find to stop Leonard in his tracks. Kawhi is one of the coolest cats under pressure, and that gives him an edge in high-stress situations like being triple teamed.

Side Note: The NBA came out today and ruled that Steph Curry should’ve been fouled out with 1:10 left in Game 1 against the Rockets. Curry instead stayed in the game and hit a crucial 3-pointer with 24 seconds left.

Catch you Thursday.