Hello Lazies.

It’s about time we tap into the Boston Celtics and dissect how they are traveling, pre Playoffs. Last night the Celtics came up against the Miami Heat where both teams are searching to find some kind of groove.

On Boston’s side, they’re trying to ‘flick-that-switch’ and lock in, while Miami’s fighting for their lives to make the final 8 who are currently 9th in the East. It was a great match, but the Celtics really controlled the game throughout the night and ended up victorious 112-102.

But there was something different about this Celtics team. They only attempted 24 three-pointers for the night when they normally average 34. This team normally loves to shoot from three, but I guess Brad Stevens (head coach) opted for a more aggressive approach against the Heat, and it paid off. So where did they do all their damage? In the paint baby! The trick is to find out how many times a team gets to the free-throw line. 31 times to be exact, and they connected on 27 of them.

The leader in Boston’s attack mode was Gordon Hayward (pictured), who played one of his best games in a Celtics uniform. His attack to the rim, over and over again, really made a difference giving Boston that spark they needed to finish the game off. Over the past 6 games, Hayward is also hitting 53 percent of his shots, averaging 15.7 points and 6.5 rebounds.

The Celtics are 5-0 this season when Hayward scores 20 or more points, including victories at Golden State and Philadelphia. Hayward seems to be striving forward right at the perfect time, and he needs to continue to be aggressive if they want to make a deep run this postseason.

Catch you Monday.