Hello Lazies.

The Playoff blue has been activated, and the Toronto Raptors are the first team to go under the microscope. The Raptors got off to the worst possible start by dropping Game 1 against the 7th seed Orlando Magic.

Raptors are now 2-14 in all-time Game 1’s. Something that seems to be permanently in Toronto’s Playoff DNA. This ‘new’ team made every possible move throughout the year to prevent being the laughing stock of the Eastern Conference. They picked up superstar Kawhi Leonard, got a fresh new coach, traded for a solid big Marc Gasol, yet still ended up with the same result.

That might be a little steep, when it’s only the first game of the series and was competitive throughout the night. In the end, the game came down to the wire and the hero was DJ Augustin from Orlando who nailed a three-pointer with 3.4 seconds left to capture Game 1. This Toronto team should’ve blown Orlando out of the water and make a monumental statement in the East, just like the Bucks did.

You could tell everyone in Canada was super excited to see how this game would play out and finally watch Leonard (the savior) do his thang. Leonard did perform under the spotlight — which was expected — finishing the game with 25 points on 18 shots, including a clutch fadeaway shot with a minute and two-seconds left to take a two point lead. But the team needed more from him. The entire team needed to do better, and especially Kyle Lowry. Man talk about disappointing. Lowry ended up with zero points for the entire game, missing all seven shots he took including 6 three-pointers and 2 free throws.

This loss has now made the Raptors very vulnerable, and that’s something this team can’t seem to shake off. The doors open for the Magic, but can they walk through?

Catch you Thursday.