Hello Lazies.

Last night came to the conclusion of the 2018-19 NBA regular season. Not only would it be Dwyane Wade’s last NBA match, it would also be the final chapter of a player who changed the league himself. And that player would be Dirk Nowitzki.

By any standard, Dirk is an all-time NBA great. 14 times his name would be mentioned as an NBA All-Star. He’d position himself as number 6 with over 30,000 in the all-time career points. A former MVP winner and an NBA champion. But one of the greatest things that we’ll probably never see again from an NBA player, was his longevity and loyalty. Nowitzki played his entire career with the Dallas Mavericks (21 seasons) and just like head coach Rick Carlisle declared; “You’re not going to see this ever again”.

The big German actually played his last ‘home’ game the night before on Tuesday against the Phoenix Suns. Dirk would notch up season highs in points, shots and minutes that game. But it’s quite fitting that his last NBA match was in Texas, against a Texas team (San Antonio Spurs), which he scored 20 points in. Unfortunately the Spurs took the win 105-94, but with seconds left in the fourth quarter he checked out of the NBA game for the last time. The San Antonio fans stood up and chanted “Dirk,” then followed with “MVP!”

Dirk isn’t just the greatest-ever player from outside of the United States to play in the NBA. He’s also considered to be a true Texan. He’s been in Texas for more than half of his life. It’s where he met his wife and had two children. Dirk built his life inside that state and decided to stick with the Mavericks again and again throughout his career. That’s a quality that respect is built on, and a quality that will last with him forever.

Side Note: Playoffs start this Saturday!

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