Hello Lazies.

The basketball gods might be rising their hands and creating the perfect path for the Charlotte Hornets to finally make the Playoffs this year. It’s a huge stretch, but there’s still a chance.

The Hornets are currently riding a three-game winning streak, beating 2 of the biggest and strongest teams in the East defeating the Boston Celtics on Saturday night and the Toronto Raptors last night. Both games have come with huge comeback wins from the Hornets and last nights game was one to remember.

It was the last play of the game. The Hornets were 2 points down and the ball was shoved into play. With the clock sprinting down, the ball found itself in Jeremy Lamb’s hands (pictured) which he lost control of, then regained control, and gathered himself a foot behind the half court line. Lamb looked up and just heaved the ball in a high-arcing bomb all the way from mid-court. No one thought this desperate game-winning shot was going in, not even Lamb himself. But then the ball hit glass and swooshed through the net. Game, set, match!

With this miraculous win, the Hornets are currently sitting with a 34-39 record, positioning them in the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference. Charlotte’s only two games behind the Miami Heat (8th) and one game behind the Orlando Magic (9th). The reason I bring this team up is that the Hornets own the tie-breaker over both teams. Meaning, that if the Hornets finish with a similar record as the Magic and Heat, Charlotte would automatically claim that 8th spot.

Adding to this, the Hornets last game of the season is against the Magic. Can you imagine if it was a head-to-head battle between the two, both smashing it out to make the Playoffs? That would be epic.

Catch you Thursday.