Hello Lazies.

On Sunday night, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks matched up together for a game for the ages. Joel Embiid & Giannis Antetokounmpo, two Goliath’s for their respected teams, were grinding it out together, mano e mano.

Antetokounmpo won the scoring matchup who poured in a career-high 52 points. Yet Embiid had the last laugh with 40 points and 15 rebounds to lead the 76ers over the Milwaukee Bucks 130-125.

It definitely doesn’t appear that rust has been an issue for Embiid after he missed 8 games due to left knee soreness. Since coming back, he has looked refreshed and ready for the last stretch of the regular season. The Sixers are 4-0 since the big man returned, with the team finally jelling and Embiid’s numbers continuously improving at 27.8 points, 15.8 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks per game.

The Bucks on the other hand, has had a dream season in piecing together the league’s best record. But it wasn’t just the loss that the Bucks had to swallow last night. They also lost a key starting player, Malcolm Brogdon. Malcolm went down with a plantar fascia tear in his right foot and will miss the next six to eight weeks. This is a huge problem for the Bucks, as his absence could throw off this teams cohesion.

Both these teams are fighting for the finish line. If the Bucks can solve their roster problem, and Embiid can keep his Sixers afloat, the next duel will be bound come Playoffs, and I can’t wait!

Catch you Thursday.