Hello Lazies.

Chris Paul from the Houston Rockets couldn’t make a shot against the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday night. He missed mid-range jumpers, and floaters, and a few 3-pointers. Chris tried 10 field-goal attempts in the game and only made 1. But on the other hand, Paul had a terrific game.

He finished off with 10 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals to go with his gloomy 5 points. So why was this a great game for the State Farm Ambassador? He completely controlled the game for the Rockets, and the second unit really benefited from it.

I’ve been watching the Rockets recently and they really seem to have their mojo back. Some would say that this ‘mojo’ has arrived from the team finally being healthy, and being healthy at the right time. But the real factor to their success is that Paul has found his form too.

Before the shooting collapse on Tuesday night, Paul had been averaging 18.7 points, 10 assists and 6.2 rebounds per game. He also had a 62.6% true shooting percentage in the 6 games after the All-Star break. Paul seems to be the Rocket’s special sauce, and another pinnacle piece in allowing this team to spread the floor. On nearly every offensive possession, the team knows exactly how to give James Harden, Eric Gordon, or Chris Paul the space they need to just create. And it’s great to watch.

There’s not much being said about this Rockets team in the media, and that’s a good thing. Change is in the air, and we are all just sitting around, waiting. Waiting to see what happens come Playoffs.

Side Note: The Golden State Warriors signed Andrew Bogut who is expected to rejoin the team next week. To me, there’s a bigger meaning behind this move. Did the team just forget about DeMarcus Cousins? Do they not trust the big man in the final stages of a Playoff game and brought Bogut in for that reason?

Catch you Monday.