Hello Lazies.

Last season was the first time the NBA changed the format of its All-Star Game. It was a huge risk for the league but for the game’s survival, it needed a change. This time around it was slightly adjusted, finessed, and tailored a little better. To conclude, the loaded superstar game still found it’s fun.

The biggest tweak this year was with the televised draft. This was one of the biggest requests from last year and without doubt, made it better. We saw LeBron James intentionally mold his ‘villain’ team, while Giannis Antetokounmpo created a wholesome, mostly international group.

Team Giannis played extremely hard from the jump. They shared the ball and the bench spilled over into the paint when the towering legend Dirk Nowitzki drained multiple 3-pointers from deep. The team looked like they were steamrolling their opponent by half time, yet Team LeBron, in the end, took the win with their superior talent. Kevin Durant took MVP from scoring the most points but in my opinion, Damian Lillard deserved the award. He finally got some solid time on the floor and was the one that steered Team LeBron back to victory with his 3rd quarter efforts.

I’m sure that the NBA will continuously make changes to their big weekend. The only one that I can think of is televising the draft, with all the players. It would be going back to that original format of the ‘pick up’ game. And can you imagine the meme’s this would create on Twitter? Pure gold!

Side Note: The NBA’s having a breather, and there are no games this week till Thursday. The next lazy issue will be sent out Monday, 25th of February.

So… catch you Monday.