And… we’re back! Hello Lazies.

Last night the San Antonio Spurs headed north up to New York, to face a very youthful Knicks team. The game should’ve concluded with a simple win for the Spurs, but it took a turn and ended up with a little surprise.

The Knicks beat the Spurs 130-118 which snapped an 18-game home losing streak. This would also become the Knicks’ second overall win since January 4. With a losing streak like that, it’s clear the Knicks are trying to ‘tank’ at the moment. Meaning, they are trying everything in their power to lose games to snap that number 1 spot and land one of the biggest draft picks Zion Williams, come summer.

This strange news about the Knicks winning a basketball game even circled around the 2019 Oscars. Samuel L. Jackson was presenting, when he had the urge to fill in Spike Lee — a New York Knick super-fan — with the news. Spike replied with a fitting response, “We’re trying to tank!”.

People are now saying that the Knicks are on the up from this one game, but come on, really? New York now stands with 12 wins for the season, four behind the Bulls (16), two behind the Cavaliers (14), and one above the Suns (11). If this team really is on the up, something truly magical would have to happen for this team to escape the bottom of the barrel. In my point of view, the race is still on.

Catch you Thursday.