Hello Lazies.

Chris Paul from the Houston Rockets had some fun after the teams victory over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night. He posted the above picture on his instagram, showing Eric Gordon sitting far away from his teammates with the caption 🤷🏾‍♂️.

This picture is poking fun of Paul’s good friend LeBron James, where another image surfaced of James sitting on the end of the bench and well away from his teammates during the Los Angeles Lakers’ dismal loss to the Indiana Pacers:

To let you in on the back story of this tweet, Indiana never allowed the Lakers to get within single digits after the first basket in the second quarter. At one point, the Pacers led by 46. And with 2:06 remaining in the third quarter, coach Luke Walton benched James and wisely kept the four-time MVP there for the rest of the night. And snap goes the tweet.

This tweet had perfect timing as rumors were circling that the Lakers locker room is in shambles over the Anthony Davis trade. Speaking of trades, the deadline was today at 3 pm EST. Want to see all the movements? Here is a full list of what went down before the deadline.

Catch you Monday.