Hello Lazies.

It’s quite fitting that this issue, post NFL Super Bowl, features the Boston Celtics who snapped the Oklahoma City Thunder’s seven-game winning streak last night, in a 134-129 thriller. My apologies LA fans.

Boston has now won 9 of their last 10 games, since letting a ‘destined’ win slip away against the Golden State Warriors on Jan. 26. For the Celtics, the Thunder were another tough Western Conference opponent, so they should feel quite good about their game at the moment.

After having the media constantly badgering Kyrie Irving (pictured) about his future with the Celtics, last nights game was one of those ‘Kyrie’ games. He finished with 30 points (14-for-19 from the floor), with 11 assists. But as is often the case with Irving in big games, his brilliance was more situational. Whenever the Celtics needed a big bucket, he was there to complete the job. If Boston needed a desperate rebound, Irving was in place to make it happen.

Kyrie consistently proves his worth in big games, yet plays the importance down in the press conference afterward. With all the drama surrounding Kyrie, he continues to keep impressing Boston, and I think they are kinda cool with it.

Side Note: Paul George’s advice for Boston Celtics’ Gordon Hayward’s struggles: ’Don’t be so hard on yourself’.

Catch you Thursday.