Hello Lazies.

The Philadelphia 76ers gave up a lot of future assets for their trade deadline switch with the Clippers, but this teams starting 5 now looks pretty damn good. Fact is, this team has a solid 10 players to work with, and this new-look Philly team showed us last night by walking over the LA Lakers, 143-120.

Winning against the Lakers isn’t a big feat, but it’s very clear now that Philly is definitely trying to become a contending team right now. Last nights game showed off exactly what the team was trying to ‘solve’ when adding Tobias Harris (pictured). Harris, a wing with excellent range and size, has instantly solved Philadelphia’s problem in not spacing the floor.

Players now have to pay attention to Harris’s shooting and this stops the double-team on JJ Redick and Jimmy Butler on the perimeter. Teams would also flood the paint to smother Joel Embiid with that extra player. But now, in the paint and beyond the arc, teams need to focus on everyone, giving Philly space for all their players to do what they do best, and work it on the floor.

Adding to this point, Embiid, Harris, Simmons, and Butler can all take over games. Having four legitimate game changes on one team makes this team super dynamic and dangerous. The ceiling on this team has raised significantly with the addition of Harris, which makes sense why they gave up so much for him.

Catch you Thursday.