Hello Lazies.

When you think of the Miami Heat, Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade might be two names that pop immediately in your head. You might also think that this team is built around stability and culture. But what happens when these pieces become no more?

This is the dilemma that Miami currently faces. To become a Playoff team or to rebuild. This team has spent the entire season mixing and matching lineups and multiple players have expressed their thoughts about coach Erik Spoelstra’s lack of direction. Cough, cough, Dion Waiters.

The Heat probably have 13 players on their roster that could legitimately make solid cases for playing time. Miami could also maintain their current pace as a potential Playoff team with a defense-first mentality. They’re currently placed seventh in the Eastern Conference (24-24), but can they keep building to become a Championship contender for now and the years to come? Probably not.

So how do you solve this? You mix it up and trade for a superstar, like Anthony Davis. Davis dropped an atomic bomb this morning that he didn’t want to re-sign with his current Pelicans team. The Heat is not considered a championship contender and from that point, trading for Davis would exhaust Miami of young assets needed to augment the roster around him.

To build or rebuild, it’s a tough decision for this Miami Heat team.

Catch you Thursday.