Hello Lazies.

The NBA media just can’t get enough of Jimmy Butler. He’s at it again and this time, it’s the Philadelphia 76ers’ turn. Just two months after Philly made the huge splash to land the superstar, Butler is reportedly pushing for a bigger offensive role.

Seems like a normal thing a professional NBA player could ask their coach. Yet, the news was dropped by the never-ending ‘know it all’ Adrian Wojnarowski, and Ramona Shelburne on ESPN. And this little article caught fire. This is the first sentence.

“Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Jimmy Butler has aggressively challenged coach Brett Brown on his role in the offense, complicating an already tenuous chemistry among the team’s Big Three hierarchy, league sources told ESPN.”

Cutting this short, coach Brown reported back to the NBA and denied the report that Butler was being disrespectful. But it’s very interesting how this kind of drama is always rooted around Butler wherever he is. Fact is, trading for Butler has made Philadelphia better. They were 8-6 before the trade to 18-8 after, and their net rating has jumped significantly. The bigger problem is, Butler’s numbers have dropped and that’s not good for Butler.

Catch you Thursday.