Hello Lazies. 

I think it’s about time I give the Golden State Warriors some ‘above the fold’ loving. Golden State produces so much media coverage that it’s nearly impossible to find and write something new about the dynasty. But let’s catch up on where they are right now.

The Warriors are sitting on top of the Western Conference — no surprise there — with 31 wins and 14 losses. They’ve had a bumpy start this year with injuries and tension between the team, but seem to have brushed those worries off and look like the old Warriors again. Except, they’re about to add yet another All-Star, DeMarcus Cousins to the roster in tomorrows game against the Clippers.

But last night against the Pelicans, Golden State extended there winning streak to 6 games and scored over 140 points for the second straight night. Casually, the two teams broke the NBA record for most 3-pointers in a game, that was broken just 12 days ago. They also currently top the NBA in points per game (118.6), assists per game (28.8), blocks per game (6.3), field goal percentage (48.8) and free throw percentage (82.3).

The biggest buzz surrounding the Warriors is not their chances of winning the title this year, its if they can land Kevin Durant once again. If Durant leaves this summer, whats the Warriors’ Plan-B?

Side Note: NBA fans were unamused with Draymond Green’s ‘important announcement’.

Catch you Monday.