Hello Lazies.

The Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace, came out today and stated that the Grizzlies had an “emotionally charged” meeting after their 101-94 loss to the Detroit Pistons. That game would pencil in their 10th loss in 13 games.

It sure was an ugly, frustrating performance from Memphis last night and ultimately boiled over in a team meeting held after the game:

Looking at the players stated above, Temple ended the game with a dismal 7 points and Casspi played less than 5 minutes. It’s quite hard to understand why these two veterans battled it out in the locker rooms. But with this loss, it now puts them a game under .500 on the season, which in a brutal Western Conference, puts them in a troubling position to make the Playoffs.

Memphis started the season off with great success. There were 15-and-9 for the season and sitting pretty. Then, something internal has happened and the players are starting to crack. It seems to be a trend for this franchise and troubled times seems unquestionable. Can they bounce back? Shoot me a tweet your thoughts.

Catch you Monday.