Hello Lazies.

The Chicago Bulls are in shambles at the moment. On Saturday night, the Bulls recorded a 56 point belting against the Boston Celtics — the worst home loss in franchise history — and the starters were pulled for good in the third quarter when they were down by 22 points.

Let’s back this up a bit. This all stemmed from last Monday, when the Bulls unexpectedly fired their head coach Fred Hoiberg, despite the team’s many injuries to start the season. But injuries are not the problem, finding their direction is the key to steer this ship back on course.

The Bulls stated that there was a lack of leadership from Hoiberg, and replaced the coach with assistant Jim Boylen who is a more ‘hostile’ coach and the polar opposite to laid back Hoiberg. Since Boylen took over, he’s been thrashing the players in training, and showing them some tough love with strategic moves like pulling the starters completely in the third quarter. This didn’t go down too well.

The players were debating a no-show for Sunday’s practice and were going to pull out their handwritten signs and march in circles in front of the United Center. Instead, the group ultimately settled for a players-only meeting and the interviews after were, kinda strange? To conclude, the expectations on this team are super low, yet they always seem to find themselves in the heat of the media. To me, the Bulls are a starless team and need to show the NBA that they’re a tough team who grind out wins. But no one on this roster seems to be a ‘tough guy’ and that could be the main problem.

Catch you Thursday.