Hello Lazies.

The clash between the Brooklyn Nets and the Charlotte Hornets was out of this world. The only way that I can explain what happened in this game, is for you to watch the game highlights. Who doesn’t love some video action? But, if you can’t be bothered clicking a link — in a true lazy fashion — I will do my best to paint the picture.

The Nets are chasing the Hornets for a Playoff spot in the East, so the home-and-home games that started Wednesday night was a golden opportunity. Cutting to the chase, the Nets scraped in with a come-from-behind win, 134-132, in double overtime at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Even LeBron James had some thoughts on the game.

For the Nets, Spencer Dinwiddie had 37 points and a season-high 11 assists, but Joe Harris (27 points and pictured, left) and Rodions Kurucs made the biggest plays of the night on defense. And on the Hornets side, Jeremy Lamb penciled in 31 points and Kember Walker scored 35 for the game.

There were fouls, and shot clock errors, and missed opportunities. This game had everything, and the best thing yet, it’s all happening again. Yes, the two teams come face-to-face once again in Charlotte on Friday at 7:00 pm (hence the home-and-home comment above). The Nets will head to their back-to-back with a 9-1 record. It’s their best 10-game stretch since 2014. If the first game had this many ups and downs, imagine what a second one could have.

Catch you Monday.