Hello Lazies.

The Philadelphia 76ers have officially acquired the four-time All-Star Jimmy Butler, from the Minnesota Timberwolves. It took nearly two months for the Wolves to settle for a trade, and it seems like they got nothing back for him. Now with teammates like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, Butler slips in as their third superstar on the team, giving Markelle Fultz some much needed growing time.

To be frank, this news isn’t groundbreaking, and nearly every NBA news outlet is covering this story. But in pure lazy fashion, to me, this article is the best one to catch you up on everything regarding Butler and his new movement.

The swingman is now playing for a championship contending team, and eligible to sign a five-year deal with Philly after this season. It seems Jimmy got the best from a disastrous situation he created, and found himself in an optimal one. But if Butler can’t gel with his new teammates now, then it could put him in Barney Rubble, trouble.

Catch you Thursday.