Hello Lazies.

Is anyone else absolutely stuffed from the Thanksgiving feast that was/is present today? I certainly am, and it was an uphill battle — with a halftime nap — to finish writing this issue. But with no games streaming tonight, we can all relax, digest this food on the couch, and enjoy Thanksgiving with a little light reading. Kyrie will not be joining us.

Now… speaking of Kyrie Irving, what the hell is going on with the Celtics? They’ve lost their last 3 games against the Jazz, Hornets and the Knicks. They currently sit 8th in the East with a 9-9 win-loss standing and have clearly lost their mojo. This team at the beginning of the season looked like a finished product. A contender for the golden cup, but right now, the Celtics have a long way to go.

Gordon Hayward isn’t confident enough to play up to his potential. Jayson Tatum might be too confident, with Kobe casting a ‘black mamba’ spell on him. Terry Rozier wants more playing time as he could slip into a starting 5 in any other team in the NBA. And Kyrie Irving (pictured), well, he’s the leader of the team but needs to be stronger on both ends of the floor. Kyrie’s also been calling out the teams lack-of veteran leadership and questioning the commitment of the team’s younger players.

So how do the Celtics turn this all around? Brad Stevens is the answer. We’ve all seen the head coach transform an underdog team and get the best out of them. But Stevens has a brand new problem. Can he lead a team when the roster’s talent overwhelms his coaching genius?

Side Note: Out of the 430 players ranked by ESPN’s Real Plus/Minus, Jaylen Brown ranks 417th.

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving! Catch you Monday.