Hello Lazies.

With their Saturday night win against the Brooklyn Nets, the Los Angeles Clippers have moved up into first place in the NBA.com power rankings. A real surprise for the start of the season, with the Clippers sitting side-by-side with the Grizzlies and Thunder with 10 wins and 5 losses in the Western Conference standings.

The Clippers made no huge roster changes over the summer, but head coach Doc Rivers cut ties with his son Austin Rivers (“Sheesh!”) and traded him to the Wizards for big man Marcin Gortat. The big asked for the move from the dysfunctional Wizards, and ended up as maybe their lucky charm?

Rolling with this point, the Clippers offense is shockingly good. LA ranks No. 2 in three-point percentage, No. 2 in their free throw rate, and No. 3 with points per game in the NBA. Lou Williams (pictured), Tobias Harris, and Danilo Gallinari are bringing the firepower, but Montrezl Harrell and Gortat, together have been the X-factor for the Clippers. See my lucky charm comment.

I want the Clippers to keep this going, but it doesn’t really matter. This team looks very attractive for a heap of superstars for next year. This gives them serious potential in landing an absolute superstar, which could change the balance of power in the West.

Side Note: “Watch the fucking game and shut the fuck up” – KD. This is what Kevin Durant said to a fan on Saturday night. 😬

Catch you Thursday.