Hello Lazies.

What another momentous pre-season we had with head-scratching trades, last minute firings, and of course some click-bate controversy. Just like last year (and the year before) Issue 1 has been released before the first NBA game, so let’s get you up to speed in lazy fashion.

LeBron James had one meeting with the Lakers president Magic Johnson and is now wearing the purple and gold. Carmelo Anthony got traded away from the Thunder and joined up with MVP James Harden and Chris Paul to form a big three for the Houston Rockets. The Raptors have finally been broken up, and DeMar DeRozan has become a Spur in exchange for Kawhi Leonard who was super happy about the trade. And injured All-Star DeMarcus Cousins is now a Warrior. 🤔

Putting all that aside, I want to focus on one topic that’s bubbling on the surface right now. Jimmy Butler has become impatient with the Minnesota Timberwolves and asked to be traded after one season (a season in which he helped break a 14-season playoff drought). Butler is a free agent next summer, so complying with his request is wise and painless.

Though, as everything isn’t that simple in the NBA, the Wolves played hardball with both Butler and teams seeking to acquire him. This all frustrated Butler to the point he felt the need to thoroughly embarrass the franchise, including its two most prominent young players at Thursday’s practice and the circus got leaked to the world.

Butler is an NBA alpha — or, at worst, a dominant beta. The reality is that he would be an ideal fit for only a few teams in the NBA. The Wolves didn’t want to give Butler up that easy and the circus is now overflowed into the regular season. But holy hell, it’s made their first game against the Spurs on Wednesday, very interesting.

So good to be back, and catch you Thursday!