Hello Lazies.

Saturday night between the Rockets and Lakers was hyped up to be a night that would never be forgotten. The main event felt like a heavyweight boxing match, and well… the NBA and its fans certainly got one.

In one corner, it was LeBron James stepping into the ring to make his triumphant debut for the Los Angeles Lakers. In the other, the challenger was the ‘almost’ Western Conference champion the Houston Rockets. ESPN broadcasted the match on primetime TV, despite America being saturated in college football. People wanted to see how this game would go down.

But, the entire thing was overshadowed by two little guys and one skinny dude getting into a brawl. I’m sure everyone has seen the fisticuffs online, so I won’t go into detail about the altercation. Suspensions were handed out after the game to Brandon Ingram (4 games), Rajon Rondo (3 games), and Chris Paul (2 games). The penalties from the NBA were modest, but their absence to each team could have consequences.

The Rockets very well won this match, on and off the court. They lost CP3 for a couple games, but they can sweep that under the rug with the talent they have in their roster. On the other hand, the Lakers could be in trouble.

I think LA could be considered a start-up. They are very much in ‘search mode’ to start the season. Removing two of their steadiest hands in Rondo and Ingram could lead to bigger growing pains which means more losses. If this happens, they could find themselves 2-6 before the 1st of November.

Catch you Thursday.