Hello Lazies.

The expectation of the Golden State Warriors is that they are unstoppable. Yet, the Houston Rockets nearly stopped them in their tracks from reaching the Finals, and the Cavaliers came so close to plucking a Game 1 in Oakland.

That said, the Warriors could be named unstoppable ‘at times’ and a great example of this was Game 2. They were mesmerizing and not just for a quarter or a couple of spurts, they dominated the entire game. There was question if Game 1’s heartbreaking defeat would convey through to Game 2, and it was clear as daylight.

The Warriors shot 57.3 percent from the field and made 15 of 36 three-pointers. Steph Curry set a Finals record with 9 three-pointers and to make matters even worse for Cleveland fans, Steph entered the fourth quarter only hitting 4-from-12 from three-point range. It was an impressive reminder that if there were hopes of a competitive series, this game showed how good teams have to be to defeat them.

To put this in perspective, aside from Nick Young who has the worst field goal percentage of anyone in the Golden State rotation, Steph would hold this stat at 45%. On the flip side, the Cavs don’t have a single perimeter player shooting 40% from the floor.

The series swings back to Cleveland for games 3 and 4, and the Warriors know that LeBron James is never out of a series. As well as they played in Game 2, the next set of games in Cleveland will be even harder. But when the Warriors bring out this type of amazing shooting efficiency, and when they do, they really are unstoppable.

Catch you Thursday.