Hello Lazies.

The 2017-18 NBA Finals is about to begin. Tonight brings the first game against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors…

I know, I know, we all knew this information and it might be an anticlimax for some people, who don’t want to see the same two teams every single year. But at least we’re seeing the two best teams. Like Klay Thompson and LeBron James said in their Finals Media day; “The other NBA teams need to get better to beat us”.

I could give all the points and stats about how each team lines up with each other, but I’ll let FiveThirtyEight do that job for me. They created in my opinion, the best information to read up on before the tip-off tonight. They dived into the six key stats on the Warriors vs. Cavs re-re-rematch. In true lazy fashion, if you can’t be bothered clicking a link and using your eyes, I can sum it up for you.

The Vegas odds are showcasing the biggest NBA finals mismatch ever, with the Warriors land sliding the Cavs. We all know James is all about ‘team’ yet he’s been responsible for 38 percent of the Cavs’ possessions when he’s on the floor, more than anyone previously in the NBA. The Warriors are currently setting a crazy high assist-to-turnover ratio at 28.5 per 100 in the Western final. The Cavs 3-point percentage is at an all-time low but has to switch at some point. Golden State has the ability to go on devastating runs in the blink of an eye in the third quarter, and finally, both teams have two deadly lineups. Yes, I said two.

Whatever this Finals series brings us, I’m personally super pumped for it. The Warriors are cemented as the best team of this era. LeBron James is cemented as the best player of this era. Let’s see what happens.

Catch you Monday.