Hello Lazies.

Golden State’s superstar Stephen Curry, finally exploded in Game 3 scoring a Playoff-high 35 points against the Houston Rockets. If this is the beginning for Steph, then the Rockets and everyone else in the East should be on high alert.

Golden State clearly made a number of defensive adjustments from the beat-down they got in Game 2. But the biggest reason the Warriors took over Game 3 and won by 41 points, was that Steph shot himself out of his never-ending slump and capped it off with a near perfect third quarter. Curry erupted for 18 points in the third and the Warriors home crowd got louder and louder with every shot he sunk. Curry and Kevin Durant ended up scoring more combined points (60) than the entire Rockets starting five (58).

Trying to understand why the Rockets slipped up again, is from the team-wide issue of hitting 3 pointers. That basically tells the story of their series thus far. The Rockets’ game plan is good. They’re attacking Curry, getting into the paint, and making life relatively hard on the Warriors by forcing them into iso’s. But as simple as it sounds, if the Rockets aren’t hitting their shots, they have no chance. In Game 2, the Rockets hit 16 of 42 triples for the game, while in Game 3 they were ice cold hitting only 11 of 34 from behind the arc.

With Kevin Durant consistently dominating each and every night and Curry finding his groove, who is the most important Warrior for this series: Curry or Durant? Skip Bayless might have the answer.

Catch you Thursday.