Hello Lazies.

In the 15 years of LeBron James’s professional career, he has created some pretty amazing accomplishments. Yet, few are as impressive as his efforts in leading this particular Cleveland Cavaliers squad to the 2017-18 NBA Finals.

The Cavs were missing an All-Star teammate, and desperately trying to finding answers in who would fill his shoes and help this team succeed. They were on the road, against a Boston Celtics team that was 10-0 at home in this year’s Playoffs and playing in a Game 7 where the home team was 104-26 in postseason history. James and the Cavs had a lot standing between them, yet here we are, once again with the Cavaliers set to play for another NBA title following Sunday’s 87-79 win in Boston.

Had the Celtics won Game 7, they would have been the second-youngest team to make the Finals since 1974 (older than only the 1977 Portland Trail Blazers). So how did Cleveland beat Boston? Their defense stepped up in a big way and also got a little bit of help from his teammates. Three other Cavs being Jeff Green, J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson scored in double figures. But the player that stood out was Jeff Green that finished the game with 19 points on 7-for-14 shooting and 8 rebounds.

No player since Bill Russell with the 1960s Celtics had been to four or more Finals in a row. However, another one might be added to that list if Golden State wins tonight. LeBron has now done that for two separate franchises and with vastly different supporting casts. With an eighth straight trip to the Finals secured, it’s clear that his adaptability is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

After tonight’s Game 7 against the Warriors and Rockets, we will know who the Cavs will face. With Andre Iguodala out and CP3 not 100%, the stakes for both teams in this game are enormous.

Catch you Thursday.