Hello Lazies.

As the Conference Finals began this weekend, we are at the pointy end of the 2017-18 NBA season. The Warriors and Rockets clash heads on our televisions tonight at 9:00 pm, and this is the series we’ve all been waiting for.

I stumbled across a great article by Tim Cato from SB Nation, that discusses the reasonable and unreasonable causes for not fully trusting the Houston Rockets. Yes, they got 65 wins which put them at the top of the NBA and was a franchise record. Yes, they likely will have the MVP and Houston brought the best co-star since James Harden arrived in Texas. They virtually tied with the Warriors for the best offense and backed it up with the sixth-best defense too. And, they defeated the Warriors two of the three times in the regular season. That’s all good and well, yet the Rockets are facing the Warriors, in the Playoffs.

The Rockets have never been in a better position to win an NBA championship, and the reason is quite simple. They have home court advantage and they were the best team all season long. However, they are still clearly the underdogs heading into the Western Conference Finals.

It’s hard to pick the team that’s going against the reigning champs who have come out of this conference three years running. I believe the Rockets have the pieces and the game to at least give us a series for the ages. Let’s see what tonight brings us, and we can re-evaluate.

Catch you Thursday.