Hello Lazies.

The Oklahoma City Thunder were completely transformed this season and stewed up a ‘misleading’ team to bring home a championship. The only problem? They got bounced in the First Round of the 2018 Playoffs by the Utah Jazz. Now with the offseason on the clock, Paul George’s contract is expiring. His status is uncertain for next year and you would think OKC would do anything to save their superstar player. Yet, insert Carmelo Anthony.

Just two days after the early Playoff exit, Anthony said that he won’t come off the bench moving forward, calling it “out of the question”. He even took it further by saying that the Thunder didn’t have any type of game plan for him. Could this non-existent game plan caused Anthony to have one of his worst seasons yet?

Anthony averaged 16.2 points and 1.3 assists per game which were career lows for him. He also added 5.8 rebounds which was the lowest since his 2005-06 season. In the Playoffs, he averaged 7.3 points per game, shot 21.4 percent from beyond the arc, and 37.5 percent from the field. All of that put together makes for a player that simply looked worthless and downright woeful. So what does OKC do with their Anthony situation? There are four possible scenarios.

Option one: Keep him. OKC will have to convince Anthony that he can be more successful in the role he ‘sneered at’ in his exit interviews.

Option two: Buy him out. If Anthony picks up the $27.9 million option, the Thunder can essentially pay him to go home and cut their losses for someone who’s not fully on board.

Option three: Trade him. This probably is the least likely scenario, because few teams will want to pay Anthony that type of cash for next season and given the trend in his production.

And finally option four: Stretch him. The team would waive Anthony and stretch his remaining salary over three seasons. All in all, not good options to say the least.

Catch you Thursday.