Hello Lazies.

The Detroit Pistons are missing the Playoffs, yet again. Their unsuccessful season record this year will be the ninth time in the past 10 years that Detroit has missed out on any Playoffs basketball. So what’s the reason?

It’s not that Andre Drummond didn’t step up this year when he had his most effective season to date. It wasn’t that defense or accountability wasn’t instilled into the team as Detroit has the 10th ranked defense and considering their personnel, that’s a huge feat in itself. And it wasn’t adding a huge piece like Blake Griffin to their team, which has given the Pistons some future. The team was simply missing their point guard, Reggie Jackson.

The difference with and without Reggie in the lineup this season is remarkable. The team is 25-16 when it’s starting point guard had geared up for Detroit, and 12-25 when he was out with a grade 3 ankle sprain.

However, on Wednesday night having Jackson on the floor didn’t make a difference either against the Philadelphia 76ers. That stiff loss cut the Pistons from Playoff contention. If Detroit had a healthy Jackson all season long, would’ve they made the Playoffs this year? Would next season be a different story with a core of Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond, and Jackson, a trio that has only played four games together?

It’s a seed that head coach Stan Van Gundy can plant into owner Tom Gores when they meet up after this season is over. Will that direction be enough to keep Gundy’s position on the team, or maybe they work hard in the offseason to acquire an even bigger and better point guard? Kemba Walker perhaps?

Catch you Monday.