Hello Lazies.

The San Antonio Spurs are having a tough year. In fact, this current season could be their toughest in 20 years, and that’s not an easy thing for them to swallow. The Spurs currently find themselves out of the postseason picture and out of the top eight in the Western Conference standings.

This hasn’t happened since before they drafted Tim Duncan in 1997. Still, the Spurs remain calm, cool, and collected, and there’s a reason for this. This Spurs team has made more playoff games, in more consecutive seasons than any franchise in any American major league. This shows what type of dynasty this team has been, and for the first time in 20 seasons they are currently on the outside, looking in.

The reason the Spurs are in this ‘funk’ is from their never-ending injury list. Let me put this funk in perspective. Throughout this season, the Spurs have used 23 different starting lineups with players sitting out a combined 182 games. Adding to this, San Antonio has had 15 players lead the team in scoring (outright or tied), which qualifies them as the most in the NBA. The Spurs have had literally only one game with their entire roster available.

Their biggest loss to the roster has obviously been Kawhi Leonard. Considering the Spurs have played 58 games this season without Leonard on the floor, it’s reasonable to question how the star forward will affect the team’s chemistry upon his return. That is if he returns at all.

Catch you Monday.