Hello Lazies.

Carmelo Anthony from the Oklahoma City Thunder is having the worst season of his career, statistically, and there are no signs of it turning around. The Thunder had high hopes when Anthony first joined the team. It was the first time he would share the court with multiple superstar players, and people were interested.

We all were excited about the prospect of Russell Westbrook just creating throughout the floor, George drawing all the attention, and Anthony leading the scoring assault. This plan looked flawless. However, in reality, it never happened.

Melo’s statistical numbers this season have been a rude awakening. His usage rate is 23.5, a career-low. His ability to draw fouls and hit free-throws have almost halved of what it used to be just two years ago. And his go-to shot — the long 16-23 foot two-pointer — has neglected him all season. He had actually shot 45 percent from that part of the floor over the past five seasons, but that numbers dropped to just 38 percent in Oklahoma.

Last nights tight matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers, was another example of Anthony doing what he has done too many times this year. Shooting 3-of-13 from his field goal attempts, and disappearing from the team’s defense.

It’s funny because Carmelo is a proven scorer, and is undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer. OKC seemed like a golden opportunity for Melo and would fit into a team that’s destined for the Playoffs this year. Maybe he will prove everyone wrong and hit those desperate shots on the main stage come April. But his 33-year-old body says otherwise.

Catch you Thursday.