Hello Lazies.

Time and time again, the spirit of the Toronto Raptors has been shattered by none other than LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers. This really starts to sink in when you look at James’ all-time win-loss record of 40-10 against the Raptors.

In the East, Toronto’s always been up there with the contenders. Yet James and the Cavaliers have eliminated the Raptors each and every time from postseason play, including a 4-0 sweep last year. Some would say, LeBron James is Toronto’s kryptonite, and basing it on the past, he’s clearly got the mental on them.

Don’t let Wednesday night’s close game fool you. No one should be shocked if the Raptors topple LeBron and the Cavaliers in this year’s Playoffs. To me, Toronto’s in the best position they’ve ever been, and the direction that Dwane Casey’s put forward for this team is a solid one. They have continuously built a roster full of talented players who seem to be more poised than ever.

But last nights disheartening 132-129 loss, offered another reminder that no matter how much this Raptors team continuously improves, they still have no answer for one player who has tortured them for years. It’s amazing to say that 15 years into his career, LeBron James is still peaking and at the top of his game.

The real question that Toronto needs to focus on, is: Can the Raptors find an answer to LeBron James? To simply put it, no.

Catch you Monday.