Hello Lazies.

Ever heard of an NBA player named Allen Crabbe? Yeah, I thought the same, unless you’re a die-hard Brooklyn or Portland fan. Allen has been in many opinions, a disappointment this season with the Brooklyn Nets.

Hold up, let’s have a look at the young man’s career so far. He was picked up by the Portland Trail Blazers in 2013 and developed into an excellent rotation player off the bench. He provided the offensive spark that Portland needed for their second unit, and he looked very promising to the team.

However, the Nets initially showed interest in Crabbe during the 2016 free agency, and waived a huge 4-year contract in front of his face, with a maxed out number of $75-million. In comparison, he’s making more money this season than guys like four-time All-Star Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors. He obviously signed the damn thing.

Fast-forward to now, and his first year with the Brooklyn Nets has been somewhat horrendous. He was acquired by the Nets as a full-on scorer and thought of as the perfect backcourt running mate for D’Angelo Russell. But he’s been only producing 12.3 points per game, obviously well below the team’s expectations.

Of recent, Crabbe has somehow found his mojo and developed an impressive 2 game scoring streak against the Pistons and Pelicans. The guard showed no previous fear against the Pelicans and scored 28 points in the game. I know it’s only been 2 games, yet Brooklyn’s management has high hopes for Allen. The pressure is mounting on the young buck, and he needs to keep proving his worth as one of the centerpieces of the team, and not just another role player.

Catch you Thursday.