Hello Lazies.

Today was the last day an NBA team could make trades throughout the league, and what a day it was. Cleveland completely re-booted their roster, while other teams eased their skyrocketing salary caps or added some depth to their squad.

Putting the Atlanta Hawks under the magnifying glass, based on their current record and roster construction, you would think they would clearly be sellers at today’s deadline. However, by the time this email was sent out, it was minor, to no changes to their roster. If you’re a Hawks fan and analyzing their season this year, it’s mighty ugly. Sitting dead last in the Eastern Conference (17-37), the Hawks are miles away from playing basketball in April.

On Tuesday, Atlanta’s GM Travis Schlenk, essentially put up an “Everything must go” sign in front of the roster, with reports saying that he was prepared to trade any Hawk that was not named John Collins. However, Sean Deveney of Sporting News cited a scout who called Atlanta’s offerings “slim pickings”.

It’s unfortunate, as they seem to be stuck in quicksand, and with no way out. Atlanta has some young and up-and-coming talent like Dennis Schroder, Kent Bazemore and Taurean Prince to name a few. But they’re lacking a player to base their franchise around. With no new trades, and unattractive old assets, what do the Hawks do for their future?

Catch you Monday.