Hello Lazies.

If you were an NBA fan, this weekend brought a lot of bad news. DeMarcus Cousins from New Orleans tore his Achilles heel, ending his playing season and spot in the upcoming All-Star weekend. We found out Mike Conley from Memphis would require season-ending surgery to smooth a small bone protrusion in his left heel. While André Roberson from Oklahoma City busted his knee against Detroit on Saturday night which would also require season-ending surgery.

All three teams were charging full-steam ahead to keep their position in the playoffs picture, but after these season-ending injuries, they would have to change course or bow out of the race.

Bow out? Change course damn it. It’s trade time! The absence of Cousins, Conley and Roberson — all key components to their team’s success — could persuade the Pelicans, Grizzlies and Thunder to make some calls to acquire a player in the Feb. 8 NBA trade deadline. They would all need to fill, or even band-aid these positions, and the Utah Jazz should be on the other end of those calls. The Jazz could potentially fill these gaping holes with Derrick Favors and Rodney Hood to name a few.

Especially when Blake Griffin, the super-star of the Los Angeles Clippers, just got traded to the Detroit Pistons. I have a feeling this could be the special ingredient to snow-ball this trade and shake things up come February.

Catch you Thursday.