Hello Lazies.

It’s funny, but every time I see media about the New York Knicks, it’s most certainly about the drama that’s happening in their front office or off-court issues, rather than the team’s basketball plays or players.

The Knicks right now, are coming off one of the most disappointing defeats of their 2017-18 NBA regular season thus far. The 105-99 defeat against the depleted Memphis Grizzlies who had Marc Gasol and Mike Conley – the two best players from Memphis – sidelined by injuries showed this point.

At the end of the game, the Knicks players were all fired up at the officials about a controversial and crucial technical foul that the rookie Courtney Lee received. You could argue that the referees took the outcome out of the player’s hands, yet the Knicks spent three quarters playing minimal defense. Head coach Jeff Hornacek, saw the altercation with the refs a different way.

“They got to take that anger they had in the locker room after the game into the next one. Talk is cheap. You got to go out there and lay it on the court. That’s the desperation. They played with desperation when down 18.”

Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek

New York are now 20-25 overall, with 15-9 at Madison Square Garden and 5-16 on the road. Blowing this perfect opportunity against the Grizzlies could have secured a second consecutive road game win and gone a long way towards changing the second half of the season for the Knicks. Instead, New York’s still viewed as a team that struggles to perform on the road and could be pushed out easily come playoffs.

Catch you Monday.