Hello Lazies.

It’s public knowledge, that the Charlotte Hornets want to trade their number one guy Kemba Walker, but this trade may be harder than expected for Charlotte.

Two seasons ago, the Hornets won 48 games, made the Playoffs, and just lost their first-round series to the Miami Heat in seven games. An outcome that looked like Charlotte were on the rise and building. However their fate turned dark, and after failing to make the playoffs in the 2016-17 season, the team looks to be in ‘repeat mode’ and send them back to the draft lottery.

The current team right now have an ageing, expensive roster, little to build around in terms of future assets, and a star player (Walker) that is less than 18 months away from unrestricted free agency. The Hornets needed to make a decision now, either to rebuild once again or stick with their current team and add minor pieces. The Hornets clearly made their decision with putting Walker on the trade list, and obviously believe that this team, this group, is done in terms of ever doing anything meaningful together in the playoffs.

As difficult as the decision to trade Walker may have been, it’s probably the correct one to start fresh again, and get something in return. Yet the idea that Walker fits into any team isn’t entirely true. Nearly every playoffs team have the point guard position locked up, so why would anyone want to trade for him. If the trade goes through, their back at square one and re-build. If they keep Walker, they’re stuck with the same problem as before.

Catch you Thursday.