Hello Lazies.

Following up on Issue 9, which focused on the disappointing start of Oklahoma City Thunder, the hot topic floating around the association: Is time running out on the OK3 experiment?

To most people, that’s a good point, and the answer would be yes. However, I discovered an interesting fact about the previous OKC players who’ve gotten drastically better after leaving Oklahoma. Since the 2010-11 season,  the first season that OKC made a deep playoffs run — and also the first season that Russell Westbrook posted a usage rate north of 30 percent — the Thunder tossed; Kevin Durant, James Harden, Victor Oladipo, Enes Kanter, Dion Waiters, Jeff Green and Domantas Sabonis from their roster. All players that have adopted themselves into new teams and all are in serious contention in making this years playoffs.

These former teammates are all now thriving in their new environments, and have all provided eye-popping performances, which has added salt to the wound of OKC’s performance this year. Everyone is blaming the reigning MVP’s style of play, but is this the real reason? I’ll let Zach Kram from The Ringer, who dives heavily into this particular topic, fill in the blanks.

To summarize, a simple question was asked about the Thunder’s disappointing record through 26 games to Russell Westbrook. This question was after the perplexing loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night. Westbrook answered the simple question with a simple answer.

“Twenty-six games,” he said. “Eighty-two-game season.”

Catch you Monday.