Hello Lazies.

The Sacramento Kings have struggled for a successful point guard in the last decade. Looking back on the previous players who could have filled that spot for the Kings, Tyreke Evans turned out to be a shooting guard, Isaiah Thomas couldn’t co-exists with DeMarcus Cousins, and everyone else just transformed into a placeholder.

Some would say that the Kings have been in a strange ‘rebuilding phase’ and have been on the hunt for a consistent point guard they can trust night in, and night out. That was until the 2017 NBA draft, where they picked up the No. 5 pick, De’Aaron Fox. A 6-foot-3, lighting fast, point guard with a winning pedigree. An early Christmas present for the Kings, gift-wrapped by the basketball gods themselves.

Little did they know, that 23 games in the 2017-18 season, that Fox wouldn’t be the ‘only’ best rookie point guard on their roster. In fact, Frank Mason III has emerged as the Kings’ most reliable point guard.

Looking at a comparison between Mason and Fox, both players have been very solid throughout the year. Fox is the new face of the franchise, and that’s understandable as he has been playing some amazing basketball. But Mason, a 5-foot-11, 23-year-old man who spent four years in an elite Kansas program, shows experience compared to Fox.

After the 4 years at Kansas, Mason is a better-equipped player to make an immediate impact in the NBA. However, it won’t take long for Fox to catch up. Having these 2 players, competing against each other for the top spot, is the perfect combination for the Kings solving their point guard dilemma.

Catch you Thursday.