Hello Lazies.

There was a lot of media coverage about the Boston Celtics over the summer, and since Gordon Hayward’s injury in the first game of the season, they have kinda stumbled out of the limelight. 10 games deep into the season, you might be asking yourself: “How are the Celtics going right now?”

On Friday night, the Boston Celtics came up against the stacked Oklahoma City Thunder team. The Celtics fell into an 18-point deficit during the first half and it felt like the sheer talent between the Thunder’s Big 3 and the Celtics would have been too much for them to overcome.

Instead, the second half woke up Kyrie Irving, who took over the game by scoring 22 of his 25 points on 9-of-13 shooting. Al Horford stepped up too and closed it out by hitting four 3-pointers in the second half. Boston’s defense was ‘turnt up’ as well and held the Thunder to 39 points in the second half after surrendering 55 points in the first. The game finished up with a 101-94 Celtics victory which was their 7th win in a row after starting the season 0-2.

Adding to that, the Celtics also played last night against the Orlando Magic and stretched their winning streak to 8 – The best start since 2010. Boston’s sitting pretty at the top of the Eastern Conference and focusing on Friday’s game, it makes you wonder how high Boston’s ceiling could have been if Hayward never got injured. At the same time, if Kyrie keeps playing this sort of ‘Uncle Drew’ takeover level, it’s hard to argue they’re not legit.

Catch you Thursday.